5 Fundamental Tips For Correctly Figuring Out Your Ring Size

5 Fundamental Tips For Correctly Figuring Out Your Ring Size

Ever find that perfect ring only to realize that you don’t know your ring size? It happens and we have all been there.  Here are some simple tips for sizing your fingers so next time you see that must have ring you’ll know what size to get it in and will hopefully avoid resizing fees or the hassle of exchanging them.


  1. Temperature is key (Warm up your fingers)


Body temperature can make a huge influence in what size your fingers are measuring at any given time.  Fingers can shrink in size when it is really cold and also increase in size when it’s really hot.  Find a good time when you are relaxed and in a warm environment (think room temperature).



  1. Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles


Whether you use our ring sizer or one you might have purchased elsewhere make sure you allow enough room so you can easily slip the sizer over the knuckle.  You don’t want it so tight that the ring sizer won’t go over the knuckle without bending it out of round, but you also don’t want it too loose that the sizer is able to slip right off.  Feel free to give your hand a little shake with the ring sizer on to make sure it won’t fall off.


  1. Keep in mind the style of ring


The thickness of the ring band can play a large part in ring size as well.  The ring band thickness should be similar in size to the sizer.  If purchasing a thicker ring band, you might want to size up half a size.


  1. Not all fingers are alike


Take the time to size all of your fingers just in case.  It is common for all 10 fingers to have different sizes.  Your dominant hand might also run a little larger than your non dominate hand.  You want to be ready for the next time you come across that perfect ring.


  1. Nothing is perfect


Rings are a hard thing to size right and depending on climate that amazing ring you love to wear so much in the summer on your index finger might not fit you as nicely come the winter.  It’s ok.



One of our more common questions asked from our customers is, “How do I find out my ring size?”.


It is not something most people know but we are making it easy to find out.


You can order you ring sizer here; it’s free, all you have to do is pay for shipping.



Have fun ring shopping!